Little Ringed Plover (Charadrius dubius) Borrelho-pequeno-de-coleira

Little Ringed Plovers are a migratory species arriving in April and leaving in October. While in breeding plumage both sexes show a distinct yellow eye ring and have a black bill which sets them apart from the only other likely species, the Common Ringed Plover, who have no eye ring and an orange bill with black tip.

On autumn migration they can be difficult to tell apart, but the Little Ringed Plover's bill is appreciably thinner and they also have a dusting of ochre on their forehead and around the eye, which is missing in the Common.

They tend to prefer being inland when breeding and can be found around small ponds, lakes and rivers; their nest is a small, shallow scrape on open ground. A regular breeding species along the shoreline in front of the Quinta.


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