What photographic equipment should you bring?

What lens?

We're often asked if a guest should bring a large lens, and all we can say to this question is "You'll be kicking yourself if you don't".
The photographic opportunities offered on any of our Birding Packages are brilliant. With low levels of pollution, high levels of light, stunning landscapes, excellent species and being a peaceful, easy-going and safe country, Portugal is a Wildlife Photographer's dream, and being photographers ourselves, we can appreciate your special needs and wishes.

You should bring the best equipment you have and make the most of every opportunity. Remember battery chargers, adaptors, extra cards and tripods.

Just make sure that you carry any of your fragile equipment as hand luggage, and check weight and size allowances of the latter carefully before leaving home or arriving at the airport.

This might help to give you an idea - the picture below is what I took with me last time I went birding abroad.

Of course it's not a "must bring list" for you, but it might help you not to forget that essential piece of kit ...

Photo equipment 5572

While here's my list ...

  1. Cameras x 3 
  2. Lenses x 3 
  3. Lens cleaner kit
  4. Spare cards
  5. Harness
  6. Converter (x 2) X 1 
  7. Olympus video recorder
  8. Lexar dual slot reader
  9. Charging systems x 3 inc. batteries
  10. Monopod
  11. 2 x external drives
  12. All leads
  13. Gang block
  14. Electricity adaptor pack
  15. Powerbank
  16. Dual car charger
  17. Laptop
  18. iPad + 2 x long charging leads
  19. Torch
  20. Earpphones x 2
  21. Headphones
  22. Bins x 2
  23. Spare glasses
  24. Medicines
  25. Driving Licenses & Passports
  26. Cash
  27. Passport
  28. Tickets, car hire & insurance docs
  29. Shoes, Clothes & Hat


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